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Vindication is necessary for safe conduct

Our implied or inferred information within the available pages or through any form of telephonic dialogism is strictly prohibited from any other use than our clients and agency. An individual is only liable to pay only after using the services and only to esteemed associate involved in the transaction and none shall seek the financial aspect of this situation. Anything that happens betwixt client and the associate involved is strictly limited to these individuals and it provides a transparency to the service. Any personal information shared with our agency will only boost the subjective approach for a better quality service. However, anything spoken or conveyed information is kept hidden from the general masses and under no conditions this information is exploited for personal gain.


We accept payment though various means like cash, credit cards, debit card, net banking etc. our versatile payment option Is not limited to Indian rupee but we also accept Sterling, Euros, USA Dollar and Canadian Dollar as well. We also allow our clients to open an account for advance payment for booking our alluring associates without any trouble for booking at present. Overall a method of easy payment is available with our agency.


No refunds are available; in case of unsatisfactory experience we are obliged to listen to the improvement suggested by the clients involved in this transaction.


Booking under our service is done either on through email provide on the top right corner of the website or through telephonic exchange with Number displayed under the email provided.

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